Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to school

Well May is back to school. Dominik is really bored. First pic is of Mays first day back to school. She is loving first grade. I am so proud of her she is in a second grade reading class. She excels in everything she puts her mind to. She told me yesterday that she is the Caring Kid this week. Its a big deal. Its like student of the week. She is doing so well.
The second pic is of her first dance
dance class. She really likes the ballet. She gets confused and discouraged in the Tap class. We haven't even got to do the Jazz part yet. But like I keep telling her she will get better, and to keep practicing. Her first girl scout meeting is Friday. I will have to pick her up early to get to dance on time. Why did they have to be on the same day? At almost the same time? Dom has his PAT meeting tomorrow. He just loves Mary. But there is not much going on with Dom and I right now. Most things are to do with May. She is a busy 6 yr old. We do need to start planing for Dominiks 2nd b-day. Well I guess that's a good update for now I got projects to work on.