Thursday, May 31, 2007


May and Mike went fishing a few weekends ago and here is one she caught. She is finally learning not to be afraid of the fish. We are leaving to cali tomorow and im realy exited. I doubt ill get much sleep tonight. May is exited too. She loves the airplane. She talked on the phone to my mom for a half hour yesterday, just as exited as can be. I hope that Dominik will behave him self on the airplane. He doesnt like to sit still for long periods of time. I got some stuff for him to do and I bought some read along cds for them both. I think I will have 2 cd players as well so they can listen to them at the same time. I also have the gameboy but I dont think Dominik will get that yet. Plus lots of snacks. I will buy dinner at one of the many resturants in the Dallas airport. That place is like a mall. Hopefully they will both take a nap and I will get some peace. lol Not likely but I can hope right? Well thats all for now I probably wont be on here for a few days. Ill post pics of our vacation soon.