Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just talking

Well I know its been a while since ive gotten on here. So I thought id pop in
and say hi. I also wanted to share these pics. I think its funny that. I actually realy like the pic of me and Dom since I took the pic. The other picture is just funny. It realy shows you what Dominiks personality is like. Just all the time happy and silly.
I realy dont know what id do with out my kids. Mike went back to Danaher today. Emergency tank fixing. I guess the traveling sucks but the pay is good so no complaints. I am going to be helping out my neighbors. He is going back to work and ill be getting their oldest off the bus and watching her till their mom gets home from work. I dont mind watching them they are good kids. Have good maners and I dont have to wory about them throwing tantrums and all of that. Plus they get along with May. Thats important in my book. Im already getting impatient to go to cali. Its like 5 months away. May is realy exited too. But her birthday is comming before so we have been talking about a party. Who she wants to invite and all of that. It should be fun. Im actually exited about Mays first sleep over. May is also getting to be friends with a litle girl named Melody. She lives by us and her mom is one of my friends. She is sweet and they remind me of me and Shannon when we were 5. Well I better go get my day started. TTFN