Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Okay I know its a little early to be saying Happy Easter, But I just couldn't help myself they just look too cute. Once again I love photo shop. lol I am working on some more pictures that I have taken. Ill post them soon. I entered a photo contest with A Walk In The Park. I would love to enter it in the fair. Mabie I could get Mike to enter it for me. You know the funny thing with pictures is to me at first you think you got nothing worth anything then you go and look thru them again and you find an amazing picture that you just love. Trust me its hard geting Dominik to sit still for even one min. I need a better camera with a faster shutter speed. I hate sutter lag. There is a big diffrence in one second, when it comes to taking pictures of kids. lol well im off to post another SB page. TTFN