Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is almost here

As the title says Spring is almost here. May is on her spring break this week. So a bit later today if every one can behave, We will dig up the sidewalk chalk, get out the bubbles, and have a little out door fun. It will be so nice to not be cooped up like we were all winter. The kids are ready to just have a good time. Since Dom is running around it makes it easier. He can join in on the fun. I took this pic here a few weeks ago, We were at a new restraunt eating lunch. Every moment is a photo opt. in my book. My daughter is soooo silly. She wants to pose for every pic but most of the time she looks like she is posing as a rabbit. More about that later. The other pic on here is the most recent I have of both of the kids. Its hard to get them to sit still together for 5 seconds. Im counting down the days till We go to cali 11 weeks 4 days. lol I cant wait. Vacation time here I come. (in another 11 weeks) As for count downs go... 6 weeks till May and My birthdays. My girl will be 6. we cant count it on a hand any more. lol She gets older so do I. with our bdays so close it makes it that much more real to me. It still shocks me that I have 2 kids lol when did that happen?