Monday, March 3, 2008

Im back

Well im back. I have to get dom to take his nap so ill keep it short today. We have our internet back. everything is going well. in this pic I actually got them to sit still for 5 seconds. That is our new puppy izzy. May and Dom are loving her. We are building a deck on the back of our house and as soon as it gets warm out we can work on it. I realy like helping with that sort of thing. My dad is in construction so I grew up knowing how to build. It brings a sense of peace to my life that reminds me of home. Ill keep posting pics of it as we get more and more done. got the steps built yesterday. yeah!!! More later

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to school

Well May is back to school. Dominik is really bored. First pic is of Mays first day back to school. She is loving first grade. I am so proud of her she is in a second grade reading class. She excels in everything she puts her mind to. She told me yesterday that she is the Caring Kid this week. Its a big deal. Its like student of the week. She is doing so well.
The second pic is of her first dance
dance class. She really likes the ballet. She gets confused and discouraged in the Tap class. We haven't even got to do the Jazz part yet. But like I keep telling her she will get better, and to keep practicing. Her first girl scout meeting is Friday. I will have to pick her up early to get to dance on time. Why did they have to be on the same day? At almost the same time? Dom has his PAT meeting tomorrow. He just loves Mary. But there is not much going on with Dom and I right now. Most things are to do with May. She is a busy 6 yr old. We do need to start planing for Dominiks 2nd b-day. Well I guess that's a good update for now I got projects to work on.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just a few

Alright I figure its time to update a bit. Here is a pic of May and her friend Keven. They are only 6 days apart and love it when they get to see each other. They have been friends since the day Keven was born. They miss eachother alot cuse we dont live by them any more. But they write letters to each other. Which is great since they can write now.

The other pic is of Dom and his new toys that daddy got him when we got back from our trip. Hes got the saw and the protective gear. Hes ready to work. His PJ's says it all "Little Monster" We really haven't been doing much here. We are getting ready for May to go back to school next Wednesday. Her new teacher sent her a post card yesterday. Mrs. Guffy. It was verry sweet of her. We will get to meet her at Open house on Monday. May will be signing up for dance classes on the 18th which is a sat. This summer has gone fast. I will miss having May here every day. DJ will miss her too. But next summer will come quick and by the time I turn around May will be graduating High School. I need to keep reminding myself that time will fly and I need to make the most of it while I can. Pretty soon May will want to hang out with her friends instead of her family. I have a bit longer to keep Dom my baby. But it will happen to him as well. I will get off here now I have some stuff to do. Shannons birthday is sat. I have to make a card and get some pics printed out for her.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Im Back!!!!

We are back from Cali. 6 weeks of vacation are gone. I wish we had more time. I dont feel like we got to see every one I wanted to see or do everything we wanted to do. Hey theres always next year. I defanately miss my family. Here are some more pictures from our vacation. The first one is of me may my dad and Dom standing on the Star Of India.

It is an old retired ship that they made into a museum. It is down in Sea Port Village, In San Deigo. The 2nd is of May and A "Real Pirate" aboard the Pirate ship Museum. They asked May to stay and be their captain. She wanted to live there forever so she could be captain. They even gave her treasure. She was toally into it.

The 3rd pic is of the Pirate Ship. Very cool. You got to go down below and see every thing. There were 5 museum ships in all but Dom was tired so I only got to see 2 of them. May and my dad went to the old Russian submarine. I still think her favorite was the pirates though.

and of course the last pic is of Dom sporting his "chicks dig me" shirt. It does speak the truth. He would go up to girls blankets on the beach and stare at them till they looked at them, then he would just give his cheesy grin. and the girls would just laugh and say how cute him and his shirt was. He is a ladys man and Im going to have trouble when he gets older.

Friday, June 29, 2007

More pics

Here Dominik is trying on my brothers sun glasses. He broke my dads reading glasses. The second picture is of some of my family. OUr whole family wouldnt fit into a picture. My cousins are comming out today from northern cali and we are going to go have dinner and then a night out on the town. It should be fun I havent seen them in a while. Tomorow we are going to AZ to visit my aunt uncle and grandpa. it will be fun Ill take lots of pictures. We are staying at a hotel with a water park. The kids are going to love it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Just a few random pics

Alright here are some random pics that have been taken. The first one is my mom, my brother, Dominik and May in front of my parents house. The second is my brother and his friends. May is trying to fit in with them. The 3rd is of May Dominik and Keven in the kiddie pool in my parents back yard. Thats it for right now. Ill write more later.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Friends and Boots

We went to the street fair on Thursday and met up with Mays new best friend, Bradley. He will be 3 in Aug. As you can tell May loves him. They are so cute playing together and dancing. Dominik thought it would be funny if he put on uncle TC's work boots. Since TC wears a 14 it was really funny. I went Bowling and to the karaoke bar with some friends last night. We had a great time. My friend Eric is the DJ there. He has alot of fun doing it. It was great to watch ppl go up there and sing. I cannot sing. I just like to watch. But my friend Jason who Ive known since I was really little got up and sang. He was nervous I think at first but he got over it quick.

He did really well. I hope you like the pictures. I have more to post at a later date.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seals and birthdays

OKay you have to admit that this little seal is about the cutest thing you will ever see. When we went to the beach (San Deigo) we were on the pier after lunch and this little guy was in the water waiting for his lunch. When the fishermen would catch a fish he was the first one to try to grab it. He wasnt full grown only a baby still. This woman went and bought a bunch of Bait. Like mini fishes and was feeding him what a life huh? Just wait at the pier to be fed? Glad I had my camera ready cuse May will be talking about this for a while. Also here is a pic of my dads birthday party. It went realy good. 31 ppl. Id say we had 6 or 7 waiters. Im happy to say my

dad loved his birthday present from us. I have been taking lots of pictures on it. when ever I figure out how to get the pics on the comp. I will be posting some good ones. We went to My friends sons K graduation yesterday. They did a tribute to the Beatles. SOOOOO cute. Then we went out to lunch. If you ever have an oppurnity to go to the Cheesecake factory. try it! Its really good. Tonight we are going to the street fair. We are meeting some friends down there. My friend has a little boy who is 3 and just fell for May and she him. They are so cute together. They listen to the music and dance. From what ive heard he is normally shy. Well leave it to May to bring out any one. It is Hot today 106. It takes all your energy. But the kids have had their nap and they are ready to go. lol I have one of my friends comming over today to help me with the camera so I hope I get the pics on here soon. write more later.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Beach

Here are some pictures of the kids at the beach. They had such a good time. If I can load our other pictures on the computer I have some other good ones on my dads cam. I havent figured out how to work it with the computer yet. We are having fun and using plenty of sun block. lol Im hoping to go bowling some time this week. Played rummy with Jen last night. May got to stay up to watch Shrek. Hoping to go to Michaels this week too. Went to a carnaval and parade this weekend. Dom fell asleep in my arms at lunch didnt even get to ride any rides. On Sun he didnt want a horse back ride and wouldnt jump in the bouncy thing till I went in
there and jumped with him. It was funny, I havent been in one since I was like 4 mabie? May has 3 loose teeth right now. I think she wants to loose one out here. Doms vocab is soaring. He sits and has whole conversations with any one who will listen. My brother and his friends like playing with Dom. It is pretty funny. according to them I have cool kids. Dom loves the attention from them. post more later.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Here is a picture of Dominik and Shannon at Rubys Dinner on the pier in San Deigo. We had lunch there before we went to the beach on Monday. The kids had such a good time. To my surprise May wasnt affraid of the water... much. They built a sand castle. Dom wanted to do it from the blanket though he wanted to play in the sand just not walk in it. Kinda funny and easy to keep track of him. I got a pretty bad sun burn. the kids didnt though. So that was good. We realy are having the best time. Not a dull moment around here. Post more pics soon.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


May and Mike went fishing a few weekends ago and here is one she caught. She is finally learning not to be afraid of the fish. We are leaving to cali tomorow and im realy exited. I doubt ill get much sleep tonight. May is exited too. She loves the airplane. She talked on the phone to my mom for a half hour yesterday, just as exited as can be. I hope that Dominik will behave him self on the airplane. He doesnt like to sit still for long periods of time. I got some stuff for him to do and I bought some read along cds for them both. I think I will have 2 cd players as well so they can listen to them at the same time. I also have the gameboy but I dont think Dominik will get that yet. Plus lots of snacks. I will buy dinner at one of the many resturants in the Dallas airport. That place is like a mall. Hopefully they will both take a nap and I will get some peace. lol Not likely but I can hope right? Well thats all for now I probably wont be on here for a few days. Ill post pics of our vacation soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well I tried to put a pic up but it wouldnt let me do the one I wanted. it keeps putting one on that I didnt choose? I have no idea. I just wanted to tell every one that Tomorow will be 5 days till I go on vacation. Cali for 6 weeks. I will try to keep posting pics and what not on here so every one is still updated. ill talk to you later Erin

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ive Been tagged!

I have been tagged to tell 7 odd things about me. Here it goes:

#1) I have lots of pet peeves. I think more than a normal person? My biggest? The toilet paper has to go over the top. If I'm at someones house or a public restroom I will change it.

#2) I don't like to fish! (Or eat it really) My husband would not like hearing that. I have no patience to sit out on the water with the mosquito's and other bugs, possibly snakes. And wait and wait and wait. BORING! I cant think of lots of other stuff to do with my life other than sitting. Oh yeah and that No making noise thing, I would suck as a hunter too. I cant stay quiet.

#3) I cant garden. I just cant keep things alive. Id much rather Mike do it all any way. Ive never been one to play in the dirt. Even as a kid. I don't like to get dirty. (I guess I better find myself a nice clean job then huh?)

#4) All my dishes that I wash Have to go in the drainer a certain way. Plus all my cereal boxes have to go a certain way.

#5) Even though my kids annoy me sometimes I would rather spend all my time with them than anybody else.

#6) Even though I'm 25, I like listening to my music hard and loud. I have to have music on when I clean.

#7) I would move back to Cali in a heart beat. If it was a little more like MO.

That picture is one from the Zoo. We loved the baby elephant and his mama. She kept kicking him in the butt to keep him moving. Even though it rained on us a bit we still had a really good day.

Monday, May 14, 2007


This ones for you aunt Allison!!! Right now I have to find my pictures of my friends, so I did the next best thing. Here is a pic of May with her friend, Caleb. One of my friends is his mom Cindy. I dont have any pics of her though. Caleb and May are in the same class. They have been friends since the beginning of the year. I hope they have many more years of friendship. I will be posting more friend pictures soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


These are some pics from Mayali's Bridging Ceremony on tuesday. She was more exited than she looked. lol the one just of her there was a bee buzzing around and she was freaked out. lol She was a daisy in girl scouts now she is a brownie. Tonight she has a music program to sing at for school. I hope to get some good pictures there too. She is the most exited about going to the zoo next tuesday. I will be driving our car there so Dominik and I can go too. Im bringing DD along to help with Dominik. It should be fun I love Mays class. They are all very sweet kids. I get hugs every time im
around. It makes a person feel very special to have that kind of uninhibited love from 6 yr olds. Im very lucky to have my children. I hope they know that. We have 3 weeks till we go to cali. Im counting down the days. Every one will be sick of me before its time to go. I can tell my mom is exited too. Mays counting down till school is over they get out on the 18th. Then ill have 2 kids all day all summer. Im sure we will find something to do. lol Well im off to give shorty a bath before I have to get May.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I took this pic last weekend. And between my father in laws cheezy smiles and funny comments, I managed to get a good pic of the two of them. Lift away Sue. lol The other is of my daughter and Sue. May always has a strange smile on her face. ??? I have no idea what thats about. lol I have more pics to post at a later date thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gooey Louie

Yep, I know this is Gross. At our birthday dinner Dominik decided that he wasn't getting enough attention soooo he went to play in the dog bowl. Yes that is dog slobber. Can we say ewwwww? Sue already had her camera out and took the shot while I was sweeping in to sanitize the situation. I know there are worse things to come. I don't think I will ever be prepared lol.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I took this beauitful picture yesterday at my mother in laws house. She said she is running out of ideas for her photo a day blog. This is to show that you can get a number of photos just going to her house and taking pictures of all of her great things. As you can tell I love sepia tone pics. I tried it in black and white. It looks good that way too but I love this way. Her latice porch is the perfect back drop.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Im being published!!!

I know Ive already put this picture on here but... im being published in a book. This picture I entered in that contest and its in the finals for that and they want my picture to be in their book. Yeah!!!! im soooooo happy and exited and everything else. The book should be out this summer. ttfn

Monday, April 23, 2007

Butterflies and gardens

This is what the picture of that Butterfly should have looked like on my SB page. I got it at the perfect time when its wings were open and you could see all the colors. The other picture is of my hubby planting flowers with my daughter. I'm not a gardener by any means. So I leave the beauty of the yard to my husband. Now my daughter wants to play in the dirt too. lol They love it. I love the

fact that they are getting to spend time together. It warms my heart.