Monday, June 11, 2007

The Beach

Here are some pictures of the kids at the beach. They had such a good time. If I can load our other pictures on the computer I have some other good ones on my dads cam. I havent figured out how to work it with the computer yet. We are having fun and using plenty of sun block. lol Im hoping to go bowling some time this week. Played rummy with Jen last night. May got to stay up to watch Shrek. Hoping to go to Michaels this week too. Went to a carnaval and parade this weekend. Dom fell asleep in my arms at lunch didnt even get to ride any rides. On Sun he didnt want a horse back ride and wouldnt jump in the bouncy thing till I went in
there and jumped with him. It was funny, I havent been in one since I was like 4 mabie? May has 3 loose teeth right now. I think she wants to loose one out here. Doms vocab is soaring. He sits and has whole conversations with any one who will listen. My brother and his friends like playing with Dom. It is pretty funny. according to them I have cool kids. Dom loves the attention from them. post more later.