Thursday, May 10, 2007


These are some pics from Mayali's Bridging Ceremony on tuesday. She was more exited than she looked. lol the one just of her there was a bee buzzing around and she was freaked out. lol She was a daisy in girl scouts now she is a brownie. Tonight she has a music program to sing at for school. I hope to get some good pictures there too. She is the most exited about going to the zoo next tuesday. I will be driving our car there so Dominik and I can go too. Im bringing DD along to help with Dominik. It should be fun I love Mays class. They are all very sweet kids. I get hugs every time im
around. It makes a person feel very special to have that kind of uninhibited love from 6 yr olds. Im very lucky to have my children. I hope they know that. We have 3 weeks till we go to cali. Im counting down the days. Every one will be sick of me before its time to go. I can tell my mom is exited too. Mays counting down till school is over they get out on the 18th. Then ill have 2 kids all day all summer. Im sure we will find something to do. lol Well im off to give shorty a bath before I have to get May.