Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just a few

Alright I figure its time to update a bit. Here is a pic of May and her friend Keven. They are only 6 days apart and love it when they get to see each other. They have been friends since the day Keven was born. They miss eachother alot cuse we dont live by them any more. But they write letters to each other. Which is great since they can write now.

The other pic is of Dom and his new toys that daddy got him when we got back from our trip. Hes got the saw and the protective gear. Hes ready to work. His PJ's says it all "Little Monster" We really haven't been doing much here. We are getting ready for May to go back to school next Wednesday. Her new teacher sent her a post card yesterday. Mrs. Guffy. It was verry sweet of her. We will get to meet her at Open house on Monday. May will be signing up for dance classes on the 18th which is a sat. This summer has gone fast. I will miss having May here every day. DJ will miss her too. But next summer will come quick and by the time I turn around May will be graduating High School. I need to keep reminding myself that time will fly and I need to make the most of it while I can. Pretty soon May will want to hang out with her friends instead of her family. I have a bit longer to keep Dom my baby. But it will happen to him as well. I will get off here now I have some stuff to do. Shannons birthday is sat. I have to make a card and get some pics printed out for her.