Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ive Been tagged!

I have been tagged to tell 7 odd things about me. Here it goes:

#1) I have lots of pet peeves. I think more than a normal person? My biggest? The toilet paper has to go over the top. If I'm at someones house or a public restroom I will change it.

#2) I don't like to fish! (Or eat it really) My husband would not like hearing that. I have no patience to sit out on the water with the mosquito's and other bugs, possibly snakes. And wait and wait and wait. BORING! I cant think of lots of other stuff to do with my life other than sitting. Oh yeah and that No making noise thing, I would suck as a hunter too. I cant stay quiet.

#3) I cant garden. I just cant keep things alive. Id much rather Mike do it all any way. Ive never been one to play in the dirt. Even as a kid. I don't like to get dirty. (I guess I better find myself a nice clean job then huh?)

#4) All my dishes that I wash Have to go in the drainer a certain way. Plus all my cereal boxes have to go a certain way.

#5) Even though my kids annoy me sometimes I would rather spend all my time with them than anybody else.

#6) Even though I'm 25, I like listening to my music hard and loud. I have to have music on when I clean.

#7) I would move back to Cali in a heart beat. If it was a little more like MO.

That picture is one from the Zoo. We loved the baby elephant and his mama. She kept kicking him in the butt to keep him moving. Even though it rained on us a bit we still had a really good day.

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Melissa said...

I'm with you on the toilet paper, fishing and gardening. I'm that way far as dishes....mine have to go a in a certain way in the drainer...plates first smallest to biggest then bowls, cups and everything else smallest to biggest. Before I can wash dishes I have to rinse out the sink with soapy water to make sure it's defeats the purpose to clean dishes if your sink is dirty in the first place right?