Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seals and birthdays

OKay you have to admit that this little seal is about the cutest thing you will ever see. When we went to the beach (San Deigo) we were on the pier after lunch and this little guy was in the water waiting for his lunch. When the fishermen would catch a fish he was the first one to try to grab it. He wasnt full grown only a baby still. This woman went and bought a bunch of Bait. Like mini fishes and was feeding him what a life huh? Just wait at the pier to be fed? Glad I had my camera ready cuse May will be talking about this for a while. Also here is a pic of my dads birthday party. It went realy good. 31 ppl. Id say we had 6 or 7 waiters. Im happy to say my

dad loved his birthday present from us. I have been taking lots of pictures on it. when ever I figure out how to get the pics on the comp. I will be posting some good ones. We went to My friends sons K graduation yesterday. They did a tribute to the Beatles. SOOOOO cute. Then we went out to lunch. If you ever have an oppurnity to go to the Cheesecake factory. try it! Its really good. Tonight we are going to the street fair. We are meeting some friends down there. My friend has a little boy who is 3 and just fell for May and she him. They are so cute together. They listen to the music and dance. From what ive heard he is normally shy. Well leave it to May to bring out any one. It is Hot today 106. It takes all your energy. But the kids have had their nap and they are ready to go. lol I have one of my friends comming over today to help me with the camera so I hope I get the pics on here soon. write more later.


Sue said...

What a cutie!! I remember seals sitting on the bluffs at a cafe somewhere near the ocean, I was a little girl. Glad your Dad enjoyed his party and that you were able to surprise him, do you think he'd noticed if you switched cameras? lol

Alpicks Treasures said...

Its hard to see but I can see what it is. Dont have to much fun because you wont want to come home.