Thursday, July 19, 2007

Im Back!!!!

We are back from Cali. 6 weeks of vacation are gone. I wish we had more time. I dont feel like we got to see every one I wanted to see or do everything we wanted to do. Hey theres always next year. I defanately miss my family. Here are some more pictures from our vacation. The first one is of me may my dad and Dom standing on the Star Of India.

It is an old retired ship that they made into a museum. It is down in Sea Port Village, In San Deigo. The 2nd is of May and A "Real Pirate" aboard the Pirate ship Museum. They asked May to stay and be their captain. She wanted to live there forever so she could be captain. They even gave her treasure. She was toally into it.

The 3rd pic is of the Pirate Ship. Very cool. You got to go down below and see every thing. There were 5 museum ships in all but Dom was tired so I only got to see 2 of them. May and my dad went to the old Russian submarine. I still think her favorite was the pirates though.

and of course the last pic is of Dom sporting his "chicks dig me" shirt. It does speak the truth. He would go up to girls blankets on the beach and stare at them till they looked at them, then he would just give his cheesy grin. and the girls would just laugh and say how cute him and his shirt was. He is a ladys man and Im going to have trouble when he gets older.


Melissa said...

Well we're glad you guys are back home. It's nice to get away & visit but it's always nice to return home.

Sue said...

Yes, your family here is happy to have you three home! That's a GREAT shot of the ship, a fair photo too!

Alpicks Treasures said...

It sounds like you had a great time and yes you do miss family. I miss Sue and wish I was closer. I am glad that your back.