Thursday, May 10, 2007


These are some pics from Mayali's Bridging Ceremony on tuesday. She was more exited than she looked. lol the one just of her there was a bee buzzing around and she was freaked out. lol She was a daisy in girl scouts now she is a brownie. Tonight she has a music program to sing at for school. I hope to get some good pictures there too. She is the most exited about going to the zoo next tuesday. I will be driving our car there so Dominik and I can go too. Im bringing DD along to help with Dominik. It should be fun I love Mays class. They are all very sweet kids. I get hugs every time im
around. It makes a person feel very special to have that kind of uninhibited love from 6 yr olds. Im very lucky to have my children. I hope they know that. We have 3 weeks till we go to cali. Im counting down the days. Every one will be sick of me before its time to go. I can tell my mom is exited too. Mays counting down till school is over they get out on the 18th. Then ill have 2 kids all day all summer. Im sure we will find something to do. lol Well im off to give shorty a bath before I have to get May.


Day4plus said...

Ah, brownies. I had bluebirds when my oldesr was young. It was a lot of fun. I hope may enjoys everything. MaryBeth

Sue said...

She's growing up too fast!! Before we know it she will be going to her prom! lol She did good last night, so cute and excited to share us with her friends!

Melissa said...

I'd be afraid of a bee too. I didn't know if you knew this but I have a 3rd blog...I've had it for a few weeks...I noticed it wasnt added on your list so if you dont mind to add it that way more ppl will check it out...visit me over there and leave me a post-