Saturday, May 5, 2007


I took this pic last weekend. And between my father in laws cheezy smiles and funny comments, I managed to get a good pic of the two of them. Lift away Sue. lol The other is of my daughter and Sue. May always has a strange smile on her face. ??? I have no idea what thats about. lol I have more pics to post at a later date thanks for reading.


smilnsigh said...

Look at that handsome face. Oh a beard. I betcha' your father in law is soooo much fun!!!! Say Hi to him for me. :-)

May's smile is just precious. She has 'The Mona Lisa Look' down pat, and she's just a little girl.

And thank for the offer of help with my problem of colors on my blog. Oh but I'm such a scardi-cat, to play with templates again! Eeeek! I'd probably not back up properly and loose everything and have to go find a bridge to jump off. -giggles-


Alpicks Treasures said...

Those are really good pictures of them. Frame them for her on Mothers Day, she would like.. Love ya all.